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To find quality sober living in Southern California, use the drop-down locator above, and on every other site page. Listings are organized by area.

Venice Recovery Center

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Our new section on housing rights includes the Department of Justice opinion on sober living rights under the Fair Housing Act. Find it here

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Our Safe & Healthy Homes program benefits homes for women with children.
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These sober living homes meet or exceed Sober Living Network requirements for cleanliness, safety, quality of life, training and ethical practices. All listed homes are members of the Los Angeles County Sober Living Coalition.

Beverlywood Awakening Recovery men $3500
David van der Velde (310) 990-2235
Beverlywood Casa Nuevo Vida - Anchor men $5000
David Marvin (310) 592-0139
Beverlywood Friendly House women $1000
Monica Phillips (213) 389-8810
Beverlywood Haven House men $5000
Jeremy Stanton (310) 838-0309 send email
Brentwood Atlas House coed $3000
David Miller (310) 857-9345 send email
Brentwood Transcend - Brentwood men $8500
John McCabe (424) 835-6514
Century City Haven House Sober Living Apartments coed $3500
Joseph Vazquez (310) 310-5392 send email
Cheviot Hills Axis Sober Living men $4500
Brad Keith (866) 737-4632
Cheviot Hills Casa Nuevo Vida Northvale House men $5000
David Marvin (310) 592-0139
Cheviot Hills Casa Nuevo Vida Women's House women $5000
David Marvin (310) 592-0139
Cheviot Hills Genesis Sober Living men $var.
Lance Porter (310) 839-5457 send email
Culver City Felicity House Sober Living women $900
Sherri Caruso (310) 837-3042
Culver City Legacy Sober Living coed $2500
Jessica Earnhardt, Venera M. Blish (310) 962-1776
(310) 351-4990
send email
Culver City A New Start for Men men $var.
Karen Greenberg (800) 426-1818 send email
Culver City A New Start for Women women $var.
Karen Greenberg (800) 426-1818 send email
Hermosa Beach Bodhi Casa men $3500
Stefan Kocev (310) 447-4534
Hollywood Hills White Lotus Chateau women $var.
W  L  C (424) 395-9588
Los Angeles Dominion House men $1500
Michael Haydel (213) 300-2874
Los Angeles Gilmore House Sober Living men $1500
PJ Andrews (310) 435-7370
Los Angeles Life Sober Living LGBT coed $1450
Emmanuel Snyder (323) 426-9060
Los Angeles Living Clean men $1200
Ezra Huber (424) 382-6891
Los Angeles Miracle Terrace coed $3500
Isac Novian (310) 402-7388 send email
Los Angeles My New Beginning women $4000
Wendy Rudin (310) 871-0465
Los Angeles Recovery Contingency Plan men $575
John Robinson (323) 634-9274
Los Angeles Sober Solutions Recovery men $4000
Jeffrey Mayer (844) 762-7765
Los Angeles Stanley House - The Hills coed $5000
Oren Pius (800) 705-1909
Los Angeles Susan's House women $2500
Susan Painter (310) 770-5149 send email
Los Angeles Transcend – Holmby men $4500
John McCabe (424) 835-6514
Malibu Acadia - Men men $5000
Carly Clement (424) 644-9485
Malibu Acadia - Professionals coed $8000
Carly Clement (424) 644-9485
Malibu Acadia - Women women $5000
Carly Clement (424) 644-9485
Malibu Always Hope in Malibu coed $3000
Richard Cortez (310) 924-4649
Malibu Eagle Pass coed $7500
Kimberly James (310) 924-0780
Malibu Frontier women $5500
Christina Vescovo (424) 785-4331
Malibu Serra Bluff women $5000
Charles Bentz (310) 924-0780
Malibu Sweetwater Mesa coed $4500
Kimberly James (424) 644-0390
Mar Vista Herbert House Sober Living men $1625
Jace Horwitz (310) 737-7566 send email
Mar Vista The Last House men $3000
Clayton Ketchum (424) 230-4682
Mar Vista NuVu Sober Living women $2250
Donna (424) 625-8285 send email
Mar Vista Rise Sober Living men $4000
Patrick Murphy (310) 658-9193
Mar Vista Transcend Mar Vista House men $8500
John McCabe (424) 835-6514
Marina Del Rey Marina House Sober Living women $6000
Alicia Mencacci (310) 466-3713
Pacific Palisades Palisades Bluffs Sober Living coed $4000
Frankie Trutanic, Donna Dawson (310) 850-8248
Pacific Palisades Spero Sober Living women $4000
Jessica Kaufmann (310) 418-3397
Playa del Rey Beach House Recovery women $5000
Susan Bowling (310) 562-7291
Playa del Rey Casa Nuevo Vida men $5000
David Marvin (310) 592-0139
Playa del Rey Life Circle Transitional Living for Men men $3900
Joey Grossman (877) 846-5073
Playa del Rey Playa Bluffs coed $4000
Frankie Trutanic (310) 210-6931
Santa Monica CLARE Ninth Street Sober Living men $var.
Deanne Sharp (310) 314-6200 x3176
Santa Monica CLARE Women’s Sober Living women $var.
Deanne Sharp (310) 314-6200 x3176
Santa Monica CLARE Women/Children wm-w-ch $var.
Deanne Sharp (310) 314-6200 x3176
Santa Monica Club Soba 10th Street Recovery Residence women $6500
Jeff (424) 273-1728
Santa Monica Haven House men $7000
Jordan Aronoff (310) 451-3931
Santa Monica Transcend - Harvard St. women $8500
John McCabe (424) 835-6514
Santa Monica Transcend – Seaside Terrace men $8500
John McCabe (424) 835-6514
Santa Monica Transcend - Yale House men $8500
John McCabe (424) 835-6514
Santa Monica Victoria's House women $5000
Elizabeth Minelian (310) 581-5746
Venice Advanced House Sober Living men $4500
Chris Rudd (310) 450-7194
Venice Bethshada House of Grace men $580
Victoria Moten (310) 310-8067
Venice Pathways Venice Beach women $3500
Lea Hummel (503)-983-5531
Venice Westside Willows Sober Living women $750
Lilian Spajic (310) 466-8908
West LA Casa Bella Sober Living women $6500
Fiona Ray, Michelle Heymann (310) 913-0029 send email
West LA Casa Bella West women $7500
Fiona Ray, Michelle Heymann (310) 279-9615 send email
West LA Club Soba Apartments - Texas men $6500
Jeff (424) 273-1728
West LA The Last House men $3000
Clayton Ketchum (424) 230-4682
West LA The Last House III men $4000
Clayton Ketchum (424) 230-4682
West LA Miriam's House wm-w-ch $450
Rhonda Evans (310) 390-0800
West LA Private Sober Suites men $2475
Jace Horwitz (310) 737-7566 send email

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