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To find quality sober living in Southern California, use the drop-down locator above, and on every other site page. Listings are organized by area.

Venice Recovery Center

Information and registration for training workshops for sober living operators and managers is in our training section, at the link below:

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Our new section on housing rights includes the Department of Justice opinion on sober living rights under the Fair Housing Act. Find it here

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Our Safe & Healthy Homes program benefits homes for women with children.
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These sober living homes meet or exceed Sober Living Network requirements for cleanliness, safety, quality of life, training and ethical practices. All listed homes are members of the Los Angeles County Sober Living Coalition.


Canoga Park Hope of the Valley - The Bridge men $500
Jim DeLong (805) 587-1586
Canoga Park New Beginnings Sober Living men $600
Gary Sutter (818) 620-5624
Canoga Park Soberspace men $480
Mark Hillman (818) 235-9910
Chatsworth Stone Sober Society coed $500
Linda Perez (818) 772-6888
Chatsworth A Work In Progress women $800
Liz Sanchez (818) 633-1719
Encino Encino Oaks women $1200
Michele Garcia (310) 968-0993
Encino Harvest House women $750
Lisa Jacobsen (818) 305-1949 send email
Encino Mulholland Recovery SL coed $2200
Christine Franz (818) 917-3438
Glendale Geneva House men $600
Michael Akopov (818) 476-6495
Glendale Miracles in Action coed $950
Amna Butler (818) 429-9103
Granada Hills Small Steps II Sober Living coed $550
Al Pittman (818) 881-0073
No. Hollywood Aces of Life I coed $650
Mary Karibian (818) 822-0911
No. Hollywood Angel House I women $625
Georgia Frabotta (818) 906-2435
No. Hollywood Angel House III men $625
Georgia (818) 571-8946
No. Hollywood Chandler Lodge men $650
Main Office (818) 766-4534
No. Hollywood In 2 Rekovery IV coed $550
Carmen Risiglione (818) 968-6669
No. Hollywood Primary Purpose III men $600
Marianne Gunches (818) 612-1439
No. Hollywood Sobrenity men $550
Mike Crowley (818) 506-6338
Northridge New Perceptions men $700
William Gatlin (818) 885-9596
Northridge A Step in the Right Direction women $2500
Linda Ruzich (818) 231-1400 send email
Northridge TTC Parthenia House men $425
Susan Migdalski (818) 996-1051 x. 1245
Porter Ranch Clean Living Centers women $1500
Tamara Komashko (818) 399-2950
Reseda A Better Life coed $500
Derrick Chapman (818) 687-1323
Reseda Fresh Start coed $500
Lynn (818) 642-6384
Reseda Proactive Sober Living coed $550
Manager (818) 620-4532 send email
Reseda Reseda Villa Sober Living men $500
Joseph Abeysinghe (818) 571-6998
Reseda Small Steps Sober Living men $550
Al Pittman (818) 881-0073
Reseda TTC Arminta House men $425
Susan Migdalski (818) 996-1051 x. 1245
Reseda TTC Jamieson House women $425
Susan Migdalski (818) 996-1051 x. 1245
Reseda TTC Kittridge House women $525
Susan Migdalski (818) 996-1051 x. 1245
Sherman Oaks Finley House women $3000
Katy (310) 729-2828
Sherman Oaks A Safe Place men $1200
Doug Eggleton (818) 590-4886
Sun Valley Aces of Life II coed $650
Mary Karibian (818) 822-0911
Sun Valley Alpha & Omega Sober Living coed $650
Rima Abelian, Samuel Tan (818) 253-5989
Sunland 12 Step Sober Living men $560
Lisa & Joel Moss (818) 445-9901
Tarzana Essentials Sober Living coed $1200
Admissions (818) 307-7444 send email
Tarzana Inner Growth Recovery coed $980
Max (818) 679-4440
Tarzana Progressions TLC coed $1250
Rhonda Hollman (818) 324-2507 send email
Tarzana Serenity Villa coed $675
Jim Bryan (818) 974-3838
Tarzana Sober College - Melvin women $3000
Cody Bassett (818) 274-0304
Tarzana Sober Souls Ranch coed $940
Admissions (818) 266-2849 send email
Tarzana Sober Souls Sober Living coed $940
Admissions (818) 705-6363 send email
Valley Glen Bridge at Valley Glen men $4000
David Casey (818) 939-3486
Valley Glen Primary Purpose I women $600
Marianne Gunches (818) 612-1439
Valley Village A Healthy Village men $700
Judi Lyall (818) 625-0987
Valley Village In 2 Rekovery I men $600
Carmen Risiglione (818) 968-6669
Valencia Just 4 Us Girls women $1500
Sheri Smith (661) 733-1520
Van Nuys AA/NA Sobriety Central men $550
Joey Axelson (818)326-6499
Van Nuys Good Life Sober Living wm-w-ch $600
Dorothy Whigham (818) 994-7375
Van Nuys Primary Purpose II men $600
Marianne Gunches (818) 612-1439
Van Nuys Recovery Zone II men $500
Ike Eichar (818) 894-8617 send email
Winnetka New Beginnings Sober Living women $500
Gina Romero (818) 915-0548
Winnetka TTC Kelvin House men $425
Susan Migdalski (818) 996-1051 x. 1245
Woodland Hills Alexander House men $600
Bruce Abild (818) 424-5670 send email
Woodland Hills Angel Villa coed $2000
Georgia Frabotta (818) 571-8946
Woodland Hills Sober College - Friar men $3000
Robert Pfeifer (818) 274-0304
Woodland Hills Sober College - Oxnard men $3000
Robert Pfeifer (818) 274-0304

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