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To find quality sober living in Southern California, use the drop-down locator above, and on every other site page. Listings are organized by area.

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Our Safe & Healthy Homes program benefits homes for women with children.
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These sober living homes meet or exceed Sober Living Network requirements for cleanliness, safety, quality of life, training and ethical practices. All listed homes are members of the Los Angeles County Sober Living Coalition.


Compton H.E.L.P.S. women $500
Gazella Kirk (866) 243-5772
Compton Looking Upward Sober Living men $425
Juanita Johnson (562) 843-3194
Compton A New Way of Life IV women $500
Susan Burton (323) 563-3575
Compton Sunshine Sober Living #2 coed $500
Suzy Castillo (562) 381-5789
Downey Ackorn House-Downey (men) men $800
Deanne Sharp (562) 215-2032
Downey Ackorn House-Downey (women) women $800
Deanne Sharp (562) 215-2032
East LA Humble House III men-w-ch $500
Johnette Salhus (562) 706-9777
Inglewood Cherish the Children women $650
Luwethia Hyde (323) 799-8365
Inglewood The Garden men $500
Joe Rodriguez (310) 695-7292
Inglewood A Place of Comfort I women $550
Edris Holland (323) 920-4557
Inglewood Sunshine Sober Living coed $500
Susie Castillo (562) 381-5789
Inglewood BHS The Way Back In men $400
Tommy Wyatt (310) 679-2920
Metro LA Action Sober Living Community I men $1050
Robert Anderson
Metro LA Action Sober Living Community II men $1050
Robert Anderson
Metro LA Adams Eaves House men $500
Anita L. Jackson (310) 693-3152
Metro LA Beacon of Hope men $550
Mr. Augustus (714) 788-8521
Metro LA Bennie's Place men $450
Daryl Kamack (323) 696-9417
Metro LA Big Brother House men $390
Lee, Bill Foster (323) 823-4891 send email
Metro LA Chains of Love women $475
Bill Foster (323) 533-5304 send email
Metro LA Fresh Start - Los Angeles men $600
Gabriela Hernandez (323) 402-2124
Metro LA Home Sweet Home SL for Women women $550
Belinda Candelaria (323) 972-6711
Metro LA Jacob's Ladder men $400
Peter Martinez (323) 899-7762
Metro LA Laws Transitional Housing men $700
Danny Laws (310) 350-0852
Metro LA Peer House men $450
Ron Herbert (310) 766-4021
Metro LA People in Progress men $550
Sherrie Jemison (818) 668-0599
Metro LA Sober Clarity men $600
Zuhair Qazi (848) 554-3029
Metro LA Sunshine Sober Living 4 men $500
Suzy Castillo (562) 381-5789
Metro LA Sunshine Sober Living 5 men $500
Suzy Castillo (562) 381-5789
Metro LA William D. Pugh Home men $450
Dwayne McElwee (866) 798-1118
Metro LA Women for Sobriety wm-w-ch $625
Pat Prince (323) 733-4481
Santa Fe Springs Harvest House (SCADP) men $600
Mrcelino Guzman (562) 923-4545
South LA Cannon House wm-w-ch $500
Rochelle Collins (323) 298-7167
South LA Fair Opportunity for Change women $555
Regina Fair (323) 842-5600
South LA Gages Place coed $480
Anthony Gage (323) 219-1052
South LA KAM House II men $495
Hazel Jackson (323) 969-9799
South LA Lumpkin House-Uhuru women $400
Velma Brown (323) 568-5417
South LA Mother Hubbard's SL men $550
James M. Hubbard (818) 355-6291
South LA A New Way of Life I wm-w-ch $500
Susan Burton (323) 563-3575
South LA A New Way of Life II women $500
Susan Burton (323) 563-3575
South LA A New Way of Life – Flora's House wm-w-ch $500
Susan Burton (323) 563-3575
South LA A Place of Comfort II men $500
Lolita Rudolph (909) 634-1000
South LA Serenity Shared Living men $500
George, Erica Talley (310) 691-3112
South LA Starting Over - Aldridge House families $500
Vonya Quarles (951) 898-0862
South LA Sunshine Sober Living Housing 6 men $500
Susy Castillo (562) 381-5789
South LA Warriors for Christ men $500
William Thomas (323) 333-1864

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